Party War On The Killing Floor

by Sonic Winter

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Party War on the Killing Floor is the 2nd Sonic Winter opus and a concept album reflecting the chaos of the world we are living in today.

There are periods in the life of human society when revolution becomes an imperative necessity, when it proclaims itself as inevitable. New ideas germinate everywhere, seeking to force their way into the light, to find an application in life; everywhere they are opposed by the inertia of those whose interest it is to maintain the old order; they suffocate in the stifling atmosphere of prejudice and traditions. The accepted ideas of the constitution of the State, of the laws of social equilibrium, of the political and economic interrelations of citizens, can hold out no longer against the implacable criticism which is daily undermining them whenever occasion arises,--in drawing room as in cabaret, in the writings of philosophers as in daily conversation. Political, economic, and social institutions are crumbling; the social structure, having become uninhabitable, is hindering, even preventing the development of the seeds which are being propagated within its damaged walls and being brought forth around them.
The need for a new life becomes apparent. The code of established morality, that which governs the greater number of people in their daily life, no longer seems sufficient. What formerly seemed just is now felt to be a crying injustice. The morality of yesterday is today recognized as revolting immorality. The conflict between new ideas and old traditions flames up in every class of society, in every possible environment, in the very bosom of the family. The son struggles against his father, he finds revolting what his father has all his life found natural; the daughter rebels against the principles which her mother has handed down to her as the result of long experience. Daily, the popular conscience rises up against the scandals which breed amidst the privileged and the leisured, against the crimes committed in the name of the law of the stronger, or in order to maintain these privileges. Those who long for the triumph of justice, those who would put new ideas into practice, are soon forced to recognize that the realization of their generous, humanitarian and regenerating ideas cannot take place in a society thus constituted; they perceive the necessity of a revolutionary whirlwind which will sweep away all this rottenness, revive sluggish hearts with its breath, and bring to mankind that spirit of devotion, self-denial, and heroism, without which society sinks through degradation and vileness into complete disintegration.
In periods of frenzied haste toward wealth, of feverish speculation and of crisis, of the sudden downfall of great industries and the ephemeral expansion of other branches of production, of scandalous fortunes amassed in a few years and dissipated as quickly, it becomes evident that the economic institutions which control production and exchange are far from giving to society the prosperity which they are supposed to guarantee; they produce precisely the opposite result. Instead of order they bring forth chaos; instead of prosperity, poverty and insecurity; instead of reconciled interests, war; a perpetual war of the exploiter against the worker, of exploiters and of workers among themselves. Human society is seen to be splitting more and more into two hostile camps, and at the same time to be subdividing into thousands of small groups waging merciless war against each other. Weary of these wars, weary of the miseries which they cause, society rushes to seek a new organization; it clamours loudly for a complete remodelling of the system of property ownership, of production, of exchange and all economic relations which spring from it.
The machinery of government, entrusted with the maintenance of the existing order, continues to function, but at every turn of its deteriorated gears it slips and stops. Its working becomes more and more difficult, and the dissatisfaction caused by its defects grows continuously. Every day gives rise to a new demand. "Reform this," "reform that," is heard from all sides. "War, finance, taxes, courts. police, everything must be remodelled, reorganized, established on a new basis," say the reformers. And yet all know that it is impossible to make things over, to remodel anything at all because everything is interrelated; everything would have to be remade at once; and how can society be remodelled when it is divided into two openly hostile camps? To satisfy the discontented would be only to create new malcontents.
Incapable of undertaking reforms, since this would mean paving the way for revolution, and at the same time too impotent to be frankly reactionary, the governing bodies apply themselves to half measures which can satisfy nobody, and only cause new dissatisfaction. The mediocrities who, in such transition periods, undertake to steer the ship of State, think of but one thing: to enrich themselves against the coming débâcle. Attacked from all sides they defend themselves awkwardly, they evade, they commit blunder upon blunder, and they soon succeed in cutting the last rope of salvation; they drown the prestige of the government in ridicule, caused by their own incapacity.
Such periods demand revolution.
It becomes a social necessity; the situation itself is revolutionary.

Extract from “The Spirit of Revolt” 1880 by Piotr Kropotkin (1842-1921)


released March 10, 2016

01. YEAR ZERO – 03 :40 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals Seved Malm / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Laurent Duval
Keys & Sound design Francis Girola / Drums Björn Danielsson

02. HIPSTER FAKER – 04 :11 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals & Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Laurent Duval
Keys & Sound design Francis Girola / Drums machine

03. STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE – 01 :51 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals Philippe Duval / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière
Bass James Neilson / Keys & Sound design Francis Girola
Drums Mr Bigbeat

04. DEAD BRAIN CENTURY CARNIVAL – 02 :59 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals Seved Malm / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière
Keys & Sound design Francis Girola

(Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals Corinne S (Minute Papillons) / Guitars + solo 2 Jean-Marc Millière / Drums machine / Guitar solo 1 Valerii Trigger
Bass Laurent Duval / Keys & Sound design Francis Girola

06. I LOSE CONTROL – 04 :55 (Francis Girola/Dj Chronotech)
Vocals Francis Girola / Keys & Sound design Dj Chronotech
Guitars Jean-Marc Millière

07. SATURDAY ON EARTH – 04 :01
(Jean-Marc Millière/Philippe Duval/Laurent Duval)
Vocals Paul Cassidy / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass James Neilson / Keys & Sound design Francis Girola / Drums Mr Bigbeat

08. FREAK & WEIRD – 03 :11 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals & Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Laurent Duval
Keys & Sound design Francis Girola / Drums machine

09. LE FILS DE LUCIFER – 04 :08 (Daniel Puzio)
Vocals Corinne S (Minute Papillons) / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière Guitar solo Felix Otto / Keys & Sound design Francis Girola
Bass Laurent Duval / Drums Björn Danielsson

10. ROCKING MACHINE – 05 :02 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals & Keys & Sound design Francis Girola
Vocals Dan TheBusPassKid / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière
Bass Emile Millière / Drums Gary Gilmour

11. SAHARA – 03 :09 (Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals & Keys & Sound design Francis Girola
Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Laurent Duval
Drums Björn Danielsson / Trombone Ross McCrae

(Jean-Marc Millière)
Vocals Greg Lemon / Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Laurent Duval
Keys & Sound design Francis Girola / Drums Björn Danielsson

13. DEFENDER – 03 :31 (Jean-Marc Millière/Francis Girola)
Vocals & Keys & Sound design Francis Girola

(Jean-Marc Millière/Vicente Montezuma III)
Guitars Jean-Marc Millière / Bass Thierry Beuchard
Drums Emile Millière / Keys & Sound design Francis Girola
Sound design Dj G.enjoy
Anunnaki Classical Ensemble: (Ishtar Gates & Sirius)
Piano Vicente Montezuma III / First Violin Akaki & Ani / Soprano Ani Tsartsidze / Second Violin Ana & Kate / Viola Ozzy & Iya
Chelo Mariam & Gvanca

15. BLUES IS BLOOD - 09:03
(Live bonus track in concert at Club Beaumartin / Glasgow / Scotland)
The improvisation "Blues is Blood" was recorded live for the Sonic Winter blues jam session gig on the 21st of June @ Le Club Beaumartin to celebrate the 2014 French National Day of Music.
Jean-Marc Millière/Guitar
Francis Girola/Keyboard
Gary Gilmour/Drums
Dave Kennedy/Bass

All arrangements by Jean-Marc Millière & Francis Girola
All music & lyrics by Jean-Marc Millière except:

Lyrics by Francis Girola/music by Dj Chronotech & Francis Girola

Lyrics by Philippe Duval/music by Jean-Marc Millière/Philippe Duval/Laurent Duval

Lyrics & music by Daniel Puzio BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (FRANCE)
(fonds BMG VM Music France)

Lyrics by Jean-Marc Millière/music by Francis Girola & Jean-Marc Millière

Music by Jean-Marc Millière & Vicente Montezuma


Produced/engineered/mixed/mastered by Dan TheBusPassKid at the Carlton Studios Glasgow Scotland from June 2014 to October 2015


Artwork © by Yves Krief, find more of his work at
Layout design by Benjamin Løzninger & Jean-Marc Millière


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Jean-Marc Millière would like to thank the following people, partners, friends for supporting Sonic Winter and making this album possible: wherever you are on this planet, you all rock!

United Kingdom: TheBusPassKid/Barney/Jamie Telford at Carlton Studios, Gary Gilmour, James Neilson, Richard Dupupet/Andrew Stott at Beaumartin, Charlie at Southside Music, Paula Russell/Louise Carruthers/Calum Stewart at Strung Out Guitars, Méline Hutin, Laura Loudmouth, Dave Kennedy, Ewan Thomson, Ross McCrae, Paul Cassidy, Boris Campan, Noémie McSquirrel, Mark Matthews at Real Radio XS, Scotty/Chas at Pulse Radio, U&I Music Magazine, NME, Andy Read at DPRP Radio, SFM Radio, Wolfman Radio Show, Pipeline Radio, Elaine Lamb at Oban FM Radio, Dark Asylum Webzine, My Rock Radio/Fatman’s Rock Show, Salford City Radio, Firebrand Rock Radio, Rad Radio. France: Francis Girola, Laurent Duval, Philippe Duval, Thierry Beuchard, Corinne S (Minute Papillons), Félix Otto, Dj G.enjoy, Yves Krief, Vincent Blackdog at Lords of Chaos Webzine, Stephan Birlouez at Among The Living Webzine, Fred Carpentier, Orderic Ayatsou at Room 72 Magazine, Arnaud at Radio Cactus Metal Attack Show, Elodie at Ellie Promotions, Olivier Mouchiquel, Phil Em All at Rock Fort Radio Show, Fabien at PrognrockTheater Radio, La Grosse Radio, BMG France. Fabrice at Music Guest, Rock Next Gen Promotions, Dgd Music Studio, La Cantada/Cabaret du Néant, La Clé de Sol, Alchimia. Alice & Claude Millière, Karen McCourt U.S.A: Benjamin Løzninger, New Driven Radio, Stark After Dark Radio, Connor at Wmav Rock Radio, Cailin Dana at 365 Radio Network/Midwest Broadcasting Group/Eagle Eye Music Promotions, Rocker’s Dive Radio, Jam City America Radio, Nightshade Wolvesbane, Big Ed Sullivan at Red Lion Blues Club N.Y.C, Sunset Island Music Magazine, Ronald Marquiss at Friday Night Progressive Rock Show, Nuclear Rock Radio Show, Rock’d Soul Radio, MuseBoat Radio, Hotmix Radio/Electric Eclectic Radio Show, MuzzBuzz Radio, Sammy Russell at Rock Krusher Radio, Village Music World Records, Generation Records, Renee Bowman,
Sweden: Seved Malm, Emile Millière, Björn Danielsson, Per Pajje Guldstrand. Canada: Greg Lemon, RiffYou Webzine. Italy: Dj Chronotech Australia: VALLEY FM 89.5. Ukraine: Valerii Trigger. Georgia: Anunnaki, Vicente Montezuma, Akaki, Ani, Ana, Kate, Ozzy, Iya, Mariam, Gvanca,Tina. Poland: Katarzyna Piela, Roksana Ratajczak. Hungary: Vihartancos.

Francis Girola "A very special thanks to Michèle Girola, Luna Chao Guo, Dan Mitchell, Jean-Marc, all my friends & family, and all our listeners.
This album could not have been done without your support! Merci !"

And now few lines from the man behind the Sonic Winter sound!

Picture the scene... It's 2011, when 2 French cats stroll into our humble studio (Carlton Studio) on the Southbank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, and begin to explain their mission to mix Classic, balls out Rock with Ambient, Jazzy, Sound Design textures. Interesting, to say the least, and not our usual client type.

After chewing the fat, for a while, the cats decide to cut a few preliminary tracks to see if the studio could accommodate their vibe.
I'm happy to convey that it did, but nothing would prepare me for the sessions that would follow... From all over the world, the files started pouring in… Vocals from Canada, bass parts from France, drums from Sweden, strings from Georgia and on and on... Internationalism to the max!

So, tracks would start out as stripped down guitar and drum grooves only to morph into dense complex arrangements with, perhaps, a wailing French chick screaming her lungs out... Braw, as we say here in Glasgow.

It's been quite a trip, being driven along by the crazy imaginings of Sonic Winter, where no process has ever been straightforward and now 2 albums later... I've been taken away to the Sanatorium.

Enjoy the album, I do, and I was there!




all rights reserved


Sonic Winter Glasgow, UK

Sonic Winter is a French-Brazilian-Scottish band from Glasgow, originally created by two friends sharing their different musical universes.

Jean-Marc Milliere : Guitars/vocals
Francis Girola : Keyboards/vocals

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